How do your blue light glasses work?

Our blue light glasses consist of a quality frame, as well as an anti blue light lens. The lens is available with or without power, but what they have in common is that they block the blue light from your digital devices. They do not block all, but up to 92% of violet and blue light.

You can experience the following benefits by using our blue light glasses:

  • You'll fall asleep faster, and achieve a better and deeper sleep.
  • Less tension and headaches, and less tired eyes.
  • You relax more when sitting in front of a computer, resulting in better energy and increased productivity.

Why avoid violet and blue light?

The violet and blue light from our digital devices is not natural, which is why it disturbs the body. How your particular body reacts to blue light may well be different from other people. The biggest difference our customers experience is a better and much heavier sleep. This is because the blue light disrupts your melatonin hormone, which has a regulating effect on your circadian rhythm. In short, the melatonin hormone tells your body when to be tired and also when to be alert. The blue light interferes with your melatonin hormone, so your body doesn't know when you're tired, for example at night when you're going to bed.

Should you only use the glasses when you are in front of your computer?

You don't necessarily have to wear your glasses only in front of your computer. Many people also use them in front of their phone, TV or when they're reading their tablet before bed. We always recommend wearing your blue light glasses when sitting in front of a digital device, no matter what it is.

A lot of people even wear glasses when driving in the evening and in the dark, simply because they help you to concentrate better in traffic and so that you are not exposed to the bright light of, for example, oncoming traffic.

When should I not use the glasses?

We don't recommend wearing the glasses when the sun is out and you're not in front of a digital device. This is because there is some natural light in the sun's rays that is quite healthy for your eyes and body, and we'd rather not block it out.

Who benefits most from using blue light glasses?

The people who benefit most from using the glasses are those who sit in front of their phone or computer for more than one hour a day. If you only sit in front of a computer for ten or twenty minutes a day, you are limited in how much you are actually disturbed by the blue light.

Why do I have to use my NemID when I pay with you?

Today, Dankort, VISA and Mastercard all have security solutions that make online shopping safer for you as a customer and for us as a business. The common name for these security solutions is 3-D Secure. Visa's solution is called "Visa Secure", Mastarcard's solution is called "Mastarcard Identity Check" and Dankort's solution is called "Dankort Secured By Nets".

All Danish-issued payment cards can be used in the security solution, and became a requirement from the EU in January 2021. You may be asked to authorise your payment with 3-D Secure for any purchase on the internet, regardless of the amount you are shopping for.

Read more on the Nets website here:


If you have any further questions about our blue light glasses, please feel free to write to us at and we will try to answer you as best we can.

If you are interested in seeing our blue light glasses, they can be viewed by clicking here.