Are you already wearing glasses?

If you already wear glasses, or have a pair of sunglasses nearby, then you can easily and quickly find out the size.
On the inside of the spectacle frame, some numbers will most often have been written, which do not immediately make sense. With these numbers, there is no need to find the ruler.👍

What do the numbers mean? From left to right; the diameter of the glass in mm., the distance across the bridge of the nose and finally the length of the frame measured from the screw behind the glass.
On our Round glasses, it will look like this. 51-19-146.

To find the width of the front, use the equation: (2x the diameter of the glass) + the distance of the bridge of the nose. So in the above example it is: (2x51) +19 = 121mm.

Are you in doubt about the width of the glasses?

If you do not have a pair of glasses nearby, there is also another method to find the optimal size for you - it is also more fun.

  • Find a mirror, or a good friend, so you can measure the distance between both temples. If necessary, use a pair of pencils behind the ears to ensure that they are measured evenly. Note the length in millimeters. Then halve your result, and you can now find a pair of glasses that suits you in width.

When choosing glasses, it is very difficult to find a pair that fits 100% to your measured size. Therefore, it does not matter that the frame swings by +/- 3mm.

If you are in doubt about what size glasses will fit your head, there are a few rules of thumb that are good to follow.

  • The top of the frame should not be higher than your eyebrows.
  • The frame must not be wider than your face.
  • The bottom of the glass should not touch your cheeks - not when you smile, as this will cause great irritation.
  • Find a frame size that matches the size of your face. Large glasses, do not necessarily look good, on people with small faces.

Should you have other questions regarding size or anything else, we are always ready to help you. Write to us at, and we will do our utmost to answer you as soon as possible.