Blueglass Briller


300 kr

Give a gift card to one or more people you care about. The perfect gift for someone who either works a lot in front of the screen, has difficulty sleeping or who often has a headache.

Perfect for birthdays, Christmas Eve or graduation.

The gift card can be used freely between all our bluelight glasses, and the recipient gets all the same benefits as if they bought a pair of glasses themselves.

The gift card is exchanged for bluelight glasses, which gives:

A better and deeper sleep.

Less tension and headaches.

Less dry and tired eyes.

An increased energy level and increased productivity.

About the gift card

Valid for two years from date of purchase.

No hidden fees.

Can be used on the whole shop.

Delivered in a nice design via mail.

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a new prominent payment option for stores, as well as webshops, which make it possible to pay immediately, split the payment into smaller pieces or wait 30 days - often without finding the payment card.

  • that you always get your goods before you pay.
  • that you do not have to provide your bank details.
  • that you do not pay for items that are incorrect or that you do not receive.
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Problems in the process?

Klarna has excellent customer service, so if you have any issues with your payment or down payment, you can always contact them. On Klarna's website: you can search for your problem, after which a lot of suggestions for answers and questions come up, which relate to your problem. There is a good chance that through this you can quickly find an answer to your problem. Here you can find current problems, questions and answers about invoices and installments.